S01 E09 | Love Them More to Sell Them More

This episode is about how to find out what the pain is that people are willing to pay to fix. Learn what people really buy, the questions to ask them so that they discover for themselves they need what you have and some amazing tech tools to keep you organized and on track. In each episode of The Smarter Sales Show, you will get tech and technique to sell more and stress less. Here are the highlights of this episode…

Technique Tips from Merit:
·     The way that we buy impacts the way that we sell.
·     Ask questions so people discover for themselves that they have pain.
·     People make decisions intellectually, but they buy emotionally.
·      Say what you do in a way that hits those emotional hot buttons for them.
·     The multiplier question: Is this a onetime cost or do you pay this over and over and over again because this problem is still in place?
Technology Tips from Julie:
·     Tech enables us to capture both qualitative and quantitative evidence about pain.
·     Strategy 1: Do market research on social media to learn what people are complaining about.
·     Strategy 2: Ask Google what people are searching for to find solutions to problems.
·     Strategy 3: Survey your existing audience to help me understand which messages resonate and which pain they’re experiencing.
·     The big thing that tech can do is it can help you to find what people are talking about and the words that they want to hear.

Smarter Sales Soundbites:
“People will do more to to avoid pain than gain pleasure.”

“You didn’t walk in your doctor’s office because you were interested in her solutions to solve your heel pain, you walked in because you had an emotion that finally got you into that doctor’s office. Buying is emotional.”

“Take the things we find through tech like, here’s the top 10 reasons that people go and find this solution and then say, what we hear most often is that people are frustrated by this. Is that true for you?”

Referenced in this Episode:
Listen to what the market is saying about you and your competition.
Brand Mentions
Research what the market is searching for when it comes to your product, service or industry.
Ask your market what matters to them.
Zoho Survey
Survey Monkey
Merit’s download: Pain Questions

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