S01 E05 | Overwhelmingly Organized with Sales Tech & Technique

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by what it takes to keep all your prospects, clients and deal flow organized, you are going to love this episode ABOUT ORGANIZATION AS A TIME-SAVING STRATEGY. In each episode of The Smarter Sales Show, you will get tech and technique to sell more and stress less. Here are the highlights of this episode…

Technique Tips from Merit:

Qualify or disqualify the opportunity sooner in the sales process. 

By disqualifying prospects who are not a good fit earlier, you only have to organize and follow up personally with the best prospects. Everyone else who is moderately qualified gets an automated follow-up. 

Are you open to … sharing with me who will be attending the luncheon before I move it to next month when you are at the phase when you are selecting speakers? 

Technology Tips from Julie:

Tech strategy – Automations and notifications – only deal with what you NEED to deal with WHEN you need to deal with it.

Tech caution – Beware the tech traps … getting lost in tech that takes you more time than if you’d actually done it yourself.

Tech application – 

Project and Task Management (Asana, Trello, Evernote)

The Joy of Searching (Evernote, OneNote, Rocket Book)

Email Auto Follow-Up (Boomerang, Outlook)

There’s an app for that – 

Project and Task Management (Asana, Trello, Evernote)

The Joy of Searching (Evernote, OneNote, Rocket Book)

Email Auto Follow-Up (Boomerang, Outlook)

Smarter Sales Soundbites: 

“Organization is about things, like the process, and time management is about how you plan your time.”
“Qualification is going to limit the number of things you have to organize.”
“I own a labeler and I am not afraid to use it.”
“Tech and organization to me do two primary things. It helps me to see everything that I need to do and when I need to do it. But the other thing that it does is it enables notifications.”
“If you’re going to ask for a piece of information, what is the action you are going to take on that piece of information?”
“So many sales managers that track things because they think they’re supposed to, and then they don’t do anything with that data.”
“The first step is to figure out what your sales process looks like so that at any given moment, you can see where things are in the process.”
“We waste more time looking for things than we do anything else so the second step is making sure that you have a good search.”
“The last step is making sure that you have some good notification systems in place so that things are being surfaced to you when you should take action on them.”

Referenced in this Episode:

Asana – Project management with a great FREE option

Trello – Kanban task management tool

RocketBook – Smart, reusable notebooks

Boomerang – Gmail scheduling tool

Outlook – Trusty email client from MS Office

Microsoft OneNote – Get organized with virtual notebooks

Evernote – Get organized with virtual notebooks

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