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The Smarter Sales Show

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Give your audience the
they need to sell more and stress less

Who loves this dynamic duo (and gets a ton of value from their content)?

Why choose between chocolate and peanut butter when you could have it all in a chocolate-covered peanut butter cup? No need to choose a sales technology speaker OR a sales technique expert when you can have it all with the Smarter Sales Show Event experience!

Julie and Merit, experts in sales technology and technique, team up to give your audience a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. Whether IN PERSON or VIRTUAL, everyone gets RELEVANT CONTENT they can use immediately to SELL MORE and STRESS LESS. (Wow! That’s a lot of BOLDED goodness in one section, right?!)

Inspiration for your leadership summit?

Tough love during a sales kickoff?

The perfect blend of information & humor at an association conference or corporate event?

Sales is still a relationship business and in a virtual world it takes mastery of tech and technique to differentiate.The Smarter Sale Show with Merit and Julie delivers that with excitement, energy, and an educational experience second to none.

Our attendees say it best...

The Smarter Sales Show Event is More Than Just a "Talk"... It's an EXPERIENCE

This interactive experiential keynote with Julie Holmes and Merit Kahn starts before your attendees arrive on event day.

Your audience will…

And beyond this energizing joint keynote experience, you can also choose to add additional bonus masterclass programs to give your audience a deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of tech and technique with highly focused, actionable content. Use these as breakout sessions throughout your conference agenda or as pre-event programs or follow up sessions to extend the impact of your event.

When attendees are asked

Did you learn something new and practical during The Smarter Sales Show program(s) that you will use?
100% SAY YES


Julie's Genius
Tech to Connect
Look at Laptop - JM - Transparent

“Heads down” conversation is the new normal. From text messages to video voicemail, our ability to connect with others on a personal level is being challenged every single day by sheer distance.

Our knee jerk reaction is to REJECT THE TECH and demand more real, in-person interactions. But what if our ability to communicate meaningfully with others isn’t degrading but is instead EVOLVING?

The way we interact with others – especially in business – is at a tipping point. We can either stay shackled to the old ways of doing business or embrace progress, meeting our colleagues and customers where they already are.

By getting creative, being informed, and embracing new technology, you’ll be more connected to the people you serve.

At the end of this session you will:
Merit's Mastery
Build Trust in a Virtual World
Look at Clipboard - JM - Transparent

Handshakes and coffee meet ups are so 2019. Yes, in-person meetings still happen, but you can’t rely on being in the same space to develop business relationships in 2020 and beyond.. 

Virtual meetings are here to stay, and that’s a good thing… once you understand the principles of building trust virtually. It takes more than understanding the functions of your meeting platform.

The way we establish rapport and trust on a virtual platform is a new skill that sales professionals didn’t need in the past and won’t be able to do without moving into the future. Your ability to do so will be a key differentiator in the marketplace.

By using the principles of rapport you used successfully in-person and adapting the to a virtual environment, you’ll build trust virtually.

At the end of this session you will:

Wondering if The Smarter Sales Show is a fit for your event?

As an event organizer, you know that the people and messages on the stage or screen should be memorable and actionable for your audience. Is The Smarter Sales Show with Julie and Merit what you need? Here’s a list to help you decide. Hover over each card to learn more!

Three Programs. Two Experts. One Speaker Fee.

That’s right, why choose one speaker you hope will resonate with everyone when you can have two experts with two perspectives giving your audience double the expertise for their time and your money?!

No Boring Monologues or Lectures.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to The Smarter Sales Show podcast and hear for yourself how Julie and Merit make learning new ways to grow business fun and engaging. Two voices are instantly more engaging than one.

Relevant. Real. Uncanned.

There isn’t a sales challenge that can’t be solved with a combination of technology and technique, so your audience can put us on the hot seat for a 100% custom program guaranteed to be relevant.

Lessons and Laughter.

You want your audience to learn and they want to laugh along the way. We got you covered. In fact, with training in improv, storytelling, and corporate appropriate stand-up comedy, we can guarantee your audience will enjoy their time learning with us.

Actionable. Practical. Immediately Useful.

This unique experience has something for everyone whether tech savvy or seasoned in sales skills, everyone leaves with action items that can be applied immediately for instant results.

100% No Diva Guarantee

Julie and Merit have too much fun working together to waste any time being difficult to work with. In fact, you’ll have a hard time trying to figure out who was easier to work with!

Next Steps?

Wondering if this dynamic duo is available for your event? Maybe you’d like to know more about what Merit and Julie can specifically offer to make your event even more special. Grab a few minutes to chat with Hathaway (Chief Organizing Officer for The Smarter Sales Show) and get all the information you need.

Got a Committee?

We get it, it takes a village to put together a successful event. After our initial conversation, if we all agree we’re a match for your event, we’ll happily record a video you can share with your committee. This will take a little of the pressure off you when it comes to pitching this unique program. We got your back!

But wait! There's more...

Keynotes are great … they inspire and create awareness about new possibilities. But your attendees are more likelyy to rate their conference experience as EXCEPTIONAL if they walk away with actionable content that can applied to their immediate challenges and opportunities.

Based on more than 40 years of combined experience presenting to audiences, we offer the following enhancements to our keynote programs to keep learning alive for your audience long after the event is complete.

This is the end of the page and if you've read this far you should just contact us already!

You know you want to. 😉

Julie Holmes and Merit Kahn