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S2 E14 | Virtual Meeting Skills

You’ve floundered around web meetings and you’re getting by. But what if you had 10 easy, yet ADVANCED tricks you could start using right now which are sure to impress your prospects? Tune in to learn how to Zoom Up your zoom.

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S2E12 | Prospecting Masterclass with Sam Richter

This month’s expert guest interview is the absolute go-to guy for any discussion about sales prospecting! Don’t miss a minute!

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S2 E11 | Speak Perfectly to Perfect Prospects

Not all prospects are created equal and in this episode Merit will share some unique things about the psychology of buyers that will shift your thinking about effective prospecting!

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S2 E10 | Stop Wasting Prospects – Tech to the Rescue

Sales Prospecting doesn’t have to be a PAIN … There’s cool tech that will help you find your perfect prospects, get to know them better AND stay connected. As always, Julie will blow you away with strategies that will make prospecting so much easier and more effective!

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S2 E09 | Finding the Perfect Prospect

Before you can close more deals and reach the aggressive goals you have to start the sales process with solid prospecting. But how much is enough? Who are the right prospects? How do you find them? Stay tuned… as we answer those questions and more!

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S2 E08 | Mix Up Your Sales Messaging to Differentiate

Merit is going to change your sales game in this episode! You will learn exactly what to say to mix up your sales messaging so you sound different and get more and better information from your prospects and clients in the process.

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S2 E07 | Guest Interview – Lee Salz

You don’t want to miss a minute of this interview with Lee Salz, author of two books on Sales Differentiation! Discover the 19 powerful strategies to win more deals at the prices you want!

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S2 E06 | 5 Tools to Differentiate How You Connect and Communicate with Your Prospects

Julie is going to knock your socks off in this episode! You will walk away from this episode with very specific tech tools you can put into action immediately to differentiate yourself from your competition and be easy to work with.

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S2 E05 | Differentiate to Sell More

This episode kicks off a 4-pack series on the topic of differentiation. You aren’t different because YOU say so… the only perspective that matters is that of your prospect. Tune in to discover how you can differentiate beyond just having a better product or service.

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S2 E04 | The Data You Need To Hire & Develop Sales Pros

If you are planning to hire salespeople or you want to zero in and focus on developing the team you have... or you are a go-getter who is always on a quest for professional growth and self improvement... you won't want to miss a second of this week's show! Merit Kahn, Sales Technique Expert and Julie Holmes, Sales Tech Guru talk with Michael Vodianoi, Research Scientist with Multi-Health Systems (MHS). MHS is a leading publisher of scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years with products sold in more than 75 countries and translated into over 50 languages. Michael...

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S2 E03 | I Could Sell More If Only…

Setting sales targets are about so much more than just hitting those numbers. In this episode, Merit gives us all some top tips on how to create and expose those areas and pathways in our working processes that give us the biggest breakthroughs.

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S2 E02 | Get a Tech Start on the New Year

Do you get overwhelmed with your tech? You might think the way to solve this is to download more tools to fix the problem. But most of the time, the exact opposite is true! In this episode, Julie talks tells you how to get your tech cleaned up and set up!

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