19: S2 E19 | Guest Interview – Lee Salz

The past couple of episodes has been all about sales differentiation on The Smarter Sales Show. And this week, we welcome the guy who literally wrote the book on the topic. Two, in fact! This week, we spoke to Lee Salz about creative ways to make you stand out immediately in sales.

Merit’s Top Three Faves:
· What we think differentiates us doesn’t matter at all if it doesn’t matter to the prospect.

· Don’t lecture buyers on what they want. Work with them and discover what they need, together.

· Make an investment in your relationship with your prospect BEFORE any money changes hands, that way you’ll discover what’s truly meaningful.

Julie’s Top Three Faves:
· The onus isn’t on the prospect or buyer to research your product, it’s on you to make all the information easy to understand.

· Lee’s “recap email” strategy – luckily Julie suggested some fab tools to help with this in last week’s episode! 😉

· Think of sales like a court room, the attorney doesn’t answer questions, they ask very specific questions for a jury (or the decision maker!) to form an opinion.

Smarter Sales Soundbites:
“If you don’t know what makes you different in sales, the person on the other side of the desk won’t know either.”

“If you lower your price straight away, your proposal will only ever be about the cost.”

“Don’t put your price on the last page of your proposal. Bury it, so your prospect has to look through the document!”

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