17: S2 E17 | Differentiate to Sell More

We’re kicking off the first of our new “four pack” in this episode, which is all about sales differentiation. We all want to stand out to our prospects, but if we’re all Googling the same search terms, the chances of that happening are slim! Tonight, Julie and Merit offer a ton of new tips on how to stand out from the crowd.

Merit’s Top Three Faves:
· When I ask about the best reason to work with someone, I’ll get the same few answers… ‘I’m attentive’, ‘great quality’, ‘best price’… but none of those reasons stand you out from the crowd. You have to find a way to stand out to succeed.”

· Virtual selling is a great way to take a look at how you can interact differently with people and ensure they have a good experience with you.

· You can try and dazzle your clients with all the fancy tools you like, but if your message isn’t on point, it’ll just cause a distraction instead.”

Julie’s Top Three Faves:
· “People aren’t just looking at your product, you’re a representative of your brand. If you’re easy to work with, trustworthy and have a clear process to follow, they’ll buy from you and not your competition.”

· When you’re selling virtually, you concentrate an entire experience into a 10 per cent window. You can’t take them to golf or to lunch anymore, so you have to make that 10 per cent feel like 100%.”

· Two techy ways to get ahead of your competition in this virtual world: Always be better at tech than the people you’re meeting and use tech to open a conversation with prospects. Check out the resources for a couple of tools to do this!

Smarter Sales Soundbites:
“Find something cool that you can share, be a resource for your prospects!.”

“Don’t act like you have all the answers, ask questions as if you really want to give the right answers. Use questions to get to the heart of your prospects’ issues.”

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