15: S2 E15 | I Could Sell More If Only…

Setting sales targets are about so much more than just hitting those numbers. In this episode, Merit gives us all some top tips on how to create and expose those areas and pathways in our working processes that give us the biggest breakthroughs.

Merit’s Top Three Faves:
· The reason why you’re stalling in your sales career falls into one of the following categories: Mindset, mechanics or motion.

· Going through this checklist will help you clear out all the things you could do to help you sell more and focus on the few things that will make the biggest difference.

· When you can clear out all the noise and zero in on those few things that can make a big difference, that’s your access to an incredible sales breakthrough

· To be worth more to others we have to be worthy of more. This means we’ve expanded, learned and grown, and then have more value to give.

Julie’s Top Three Faves:
· Simply getting a new process on selling isn’t going to cut it. You need to work on your whole approach

· Merit’s checklist is a great way to self-assess and assess the people you work with in an improvement-focussed mindset. It has such a positive spin!

· There’s not a single area for any of us that couldn’t get a little bit better, so picking one to improve on as a starting point is hugely valuable.

Smarter Sales Soundbites:
“Having a way to look at everything that goes into sales and determining where those gaps are is a clever way for salespeople to identify where those opportunities lie.”

“Sales rule number one: If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”

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