14: S02 E14 | Get a Tech Start on the New Year

Do you get overwhelmed with your tech? You might think the way to solve this is to download more tools to fix the problem. But most of the time, the exact opposite is true! In this episode, Julie talks tells you how to get your tech cleaned up and set up!

Merit’s Top Three Faves:

Julie’s email tips have given me a renewed sense of enthusiasm about what I can accomplish through cleaning up my email inbox.
I’ll definitely be using the
Crystal Knows app when contacting prospects on LinkedIn – it’s incredible!
Julie’s Tech it Up Trio works beautifully alongside my Big Three – watch the next episode to find out what they are!

Julie’s Top Three Faves:
You don’t need to add more to-do lists. Adding more will make your job harder, not easier! Don’t add another process if you’re not going to take another away.
If there’s an app or a tool you use a lot in your role, make sure you use it well. Become an expert at it, if you’re not already.
The apps and tools suggested will save you a ton of money and a ton of time!
Smarter Sales Soundbites:
“Not mastering the tech you need to use makes you inefficient at your job, especially in sales.”
“Don’t reply to an email late at night. You think it makes you look more efficient at your job, but it doesn’t. You set a precedent to your prospects that you’re always available. Get an email scheduler and set them to send at 7am. You’ll look efficient while you’re sleeping!”
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