13: S02 E13 | New Year, New You, New Virtual Sales Mastery

Feeling like you need a fresh start but need new ideas about how to sell smarter in this virtual world?

Get a fresh new perspective on how to grow sales with less stress. Merit shares The Merit Method Big Three areas that all high performing sales professionals have in balance. Julie walks you through her Tech It Up Trio, the three things you can do right now to get a solid handle on organizing your technology.

Technique Tips:

A weakness in any of The Merit Method “Big Three” will limit your success in sales.

  • Mindset- what you believe
  • Mechanics- how you sell
  • Motion- what you do
Tech Tips:

Use the Tech It Up Trio to organize your technology.

  • Trash or upgrade ONE apps, tool or old piece of tech
  • Automate TWO tasks or processes using technology
  • Pick THREE tools to master
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