12: S01 E12 | The Greatest Hits from Season 01


After eleven episodes of The Smarter Sales Show you’ll hear our all time favorite tips, both tech and technique to sell more and stress less. This episode is our version of The Smarter Sales Show Greatest Hits!


Merit’s Top Three Faves:

  • Always ask “Is there an app for that that will make my life easier?”
  • From episode 4: Differentiation
  • Video emails with analytics so you can express yourself with tonality and personality and you will know when people watch your message.
  • From episode 9: Love Them More to Sell Them More
  • Getting to real emotional pain using a series of pain questions designed to go from surface interest to real pain.  
  • Download the Pain Question Series HERE. 

Julie’s Top Three Faves:

  • Always ask “Are you open to…”
  • From episode 2: The language of referrals.
  • “I don’t want you to refer me, I want you to introduce me to people who are open to hearing from me.”
  • “I can’t promise you’ll get the same results we’ve gotten, but it’s worth a conversation.”
  • Tracking documents you send so you are notified when someone opens a proposal, handout, follow up reports, etc. Then I know when to call them.


Smarter Sales Soundbites:

“Technique without tech just takes too long. Tech without technique leads to lost opportunity.”


Cool Tools Referenced in this Episode:

  • Download the Pain Question Series HERE
  • Persuasive Proposal Pack HERE
  • Just Add Words Template Pack HERE


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