Month: May 2021

S2E21 | The Smarter Sales Show: Top pics for sales summer sales reading list

Merit & Julie share their favorite sales books of all time and tell you exactly why you want them on your summer reading list. PLUS… click the link for the FREE resources page for quick links to every recommendation! Need a sales coach, consultant, trainer or event speaker on sales technique, technology or both… look no further… Merit Kahn and Julie Holmes share energy and expertise with sales teams and across the globe at sales conferences and events. Connect with Merit & Julie at to learn how to make your event and your sales team stand out!

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S2E20 | You are today’s Guest! Answering Your Questions

You asked, we delivered! We’ve had lots of questions from our lovely listeners asking us to expand on some of the topics we’ve covered on the podcast so far. If you’re overwhelmed with your tech, or simply wondering about this new world of HYBRID sales, we’re here for you! So… don’t touch that dial … or button, or hit pause whatever … you know, just tune in!

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S2E19 | Your Perfect Plan To Control The Sales Process

If you’ve ever scratched your head wondering where things went wrong with a prospect… you’re not alone. This week, we’ve got tips to help you set up your perfect plan to control the sales process on this episode of The Smarter Sales Show.

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S2E18 | Setting Expectations for your Tech Experience

“I can’t hear you.”
“You’re on mute! You’re on mute!”

Sound familiar? Maybe even a little TOO familiar? If you’re fed up with the same old ZOOMs and you want to expect more from your virtual meetings… then make sure you listen to this episode of The Smarter Sales Show!

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